Legion: The Eternal War

Legion: The Eternal War

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Competitive PvP

Legion: The Eternal War promises to offer the most intense and heart-racing PvP experiences any MMORPG has to offer. Gear up your character, and prepare to take on other players on your journey to become the greatest there ever was. Compete in our monthly leaderboard, earn exclusive rewards, and show off your victories.


Legion: The Eternal War is being developed by Nexus Division, an independent coalition of [X] individuals including programmers, animators, artists, and writers with respectable experience in their fields. While the game is still early in development, a wealth of progress has already been made, and the game is already available on Steam for limited access testing. Over 3,000 testers have registered for game keys, the Nexus Division website has over 11,000 views, and the project has already been publicized via a news outlet. As demonstrated by the game’s growing community, the developing project is already generating interest in the public.


Once obtaining an objective, playing a quest, or just roaming free, players will engage in combat with monsters and villains across the game’s world. These obstacles are mostly minor, only spiking in difficulty for special events or story-based enemies, but they will prove as excellent practice for battling other players. Other gameplay challenges include exploration, navigation, platforming, and interaction with NPCs.


The primary plot line of Legion centers around its premise, incorporating its strengths into its narrative. Since the primary draw of the game is PvP in a traditional fantasy setting, the narrative focus surrounds the two alliances battling for control of the magical power at the center of their land. Players are then motivated by the story to engage in the game play to explore the environment. They will fight for their side, and uncover the mystery and intrigue at the center of the story in an organic, thrilling narrative.


Legion: The Eternal War will have two primary divisions of game play that dynamically interweave with each other: PvE and PvE. All of this will be unified by a distinct universal combat system. This game play will be crucial to the game’s success, since much of the experience can only be founded upon a properly programmed system. Fortunately, much of this system has been outlined and prepared, and some of it has been implemented within early testing builds.

Entertainment Value

Possibly the most promising aspect of Legion’s early development is that the game has already developed a sizable following. This not only helps promote our project and garner beneficial assistance, but it also establishes a developer-community relationship. Understanding the project’s target audience will inevitably enhance the quality of the game and focus the business proceedings of Nexus Division.

About The Game

Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players create their characters, join alliances, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend. The game will be filled with entertaining stories, rewarding progression systems, and refined mechanics. All of this is presented to produce a memorable experience highlighted by social interaction and nail-biting tension.
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Kilometers Of Uncharted Land

Explore The Massive World Of Legion


Progression System

Master Multiple Classes


Simultaneous players

Interactive MMORPG


A prominent trait of Rhyfell is that it consists of a variety of different biomes. As aforementioned, there are two halves to the land. Each horizontal sector is unique, and layered from north to south with varying landscapes including tundras, deserts, swamps, jungles, and plains. The inhabitants of the land also vary this environment; settlements, roads, and battlegrounds will be integrated within the territory. Every area has its own backstory, identity, and purpose within the gameplay.


The NPCs in this game will not only visually appear different from each other, but they also will carry their own personalities with them. Each of the essential NPCs is meticulously written with dialogue crafted specifically for their role in the players’ experiences. The dialogue is split into two parts: default dialogue–the dialogue that NPCs have with any player at any time–and quest dialogue–the dialogue that propels the stories of Legion forward.

Target Audience

Legion is designed to appeal to fans of science fiction and fantasy within the gaming sphere. It is an attempt to appeal to fans of subscription-free MMO titles. With the competitive atmosphere and social interactivity, the game is also targeting groups of individuals wishing to play together as a team, testing their skills against other contenders. The rating we are targeting is TEEN. Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language

Intended Impact

If Legion: The Eternal War is successful (and based on its growing following, it should be), it will serve as a hub for players to interact with friends, battle against opponents, and experience a world of fantasy and magic. Story fans could investigate the narrative. Completionists could explore what the land has to offer. Social gamers could make allies, and competitive players could make find new challenges. This title should service many members of the Steam community, and serve as a project of which its small team of independent developers could be proud.


Setting up the game’s story requires a rich history, one that establishes all of the pieces of the game’s world for the player to enjoy. Lore for more than sixty years of in-game backstory has been outlined and implemented within the Legion’s narrative and environment, shaping the game’s design in numerous ways. Every aspect of the world, from its population to its landscape, from its combat to its themes, from its music to its monsters, has a story-based purpose for existing.

Supplemental Features

Beneath the primary mechanics and story beats are foundational features of the game that both support the gameplay and enrich the story. Planned features for specific towns include a market economy, a central banking system, and a dueling arena. These basic activities and functions are important to Legion’s experience, supporting the game’s overall functionality and creativity through environmental world-building.

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