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Nexus Division X FrontFundr

Our Company Nexus Division Entertainment Inc is looking to launch with FrontFundr. A Canadian based Equity Funding website 
to bring you the opportunity to join Nexus Division as an investor and come with us on our journey.

The difference between Kickstarter and Frontfundr is that as an investor you will own a piece of Nexus Division as well as
 traditional backer rewards and game access. As an investor and founder you will gain access to all three game genres we are creating.
Legion: Survival FPS, Legion: Topdown RPG and Legion: MMORPG

Legion: THe Eternal War: Surivial FPS

The Story behind Legion

Development Plans

Legion: The Eternal War has a primary focus of becoming an Open World FPS Survival Game. Our main focus is toward Competitive PVP, Economy, Building, Trading and Community Engagement. We are looking to create an environment which connects players to each other in a way that keeps you coming back for more. 

Development Challenges

Our main challenges we are looking to solve are to combat offline raiding, create a fair environment for players based on their skill level in the game, allow players to decide their role (PvP or PvE) and give everyone a fair chance at entertainment by making the survival and RPG aspects fair for everyone regardless of play time available. 

Game Features And Objectives

Engaging in combat and exploring can be fun but there are a variety of other gameplay mechanics that will help shape the full experience of Legion.  Create an in-game persona that becomes immersed in our virtual world.  We are emphasizing a player-driven economy, building systems, contested resources and amazing character customization. Legions Combat system will leave you in full control while you play with skill and determination. 

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