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Legion requires an immense amount of testing and configuration to improve the game.
With your support and feedback we can take development to new levels of success.

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Legion'S story

Become A Private Demo Tester

The Beginning Of Time

Rhyfell is a corrupted land now, but, before, it was a lovely place to live.  After the Rift opened, evil creatures from the underworld began to emerge at night and terrorize the citizens, threatening the survival of each race.  There is now a great war between the elves and humans while each race fight for land and resources.  Can you survive?

Overcome Challenges

The game is open-world so you will find challenges everywhere!  You have to adapt yourself to every climate and environment.  Learn to master more than one skill or profession as you will need them if you want to survive in the lands of Rhyfell.  Don't forget to get your Private Demo Test Access and become a Legionnaire right now!

Prepare yourself

Engaging in combat and exploring can be fun but there are a variety of other gameplay mechanics that will help shape the full experience of Legion.  Create an in-game persona that becomes immersed in our virtual world.  We are emphasizing a player-driven economy, building systems, contested resources and amazing character customization.
You will love it!  Check out our Crowdfunding Video to learn more!   

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