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CEO - Project Lead
Business Leader

"My commitment to my team and the game's future means everything to me.  We are all working on what we love, but we need your support to make the dream come to life and deliver to you the final version of Legion: The Eternal War!"   


Business Manager
Project Manager
Lead Game Designer

"I truly believe that a team is the heart and soul of a company. I was a former COO in a video game company and am an experienced Project Manager, Lead Game Designer and Writer. I am applying everything that I learned while working many years in the industry to my role in Nexus Division and Legion: The Eternal War."

Hasan's Picture


Lead Programmer

"I enjoy being the Lead Programmer because it's always great to see what we just coded working as expected.  It's like adjoining puzzle pieces; when all of them are placed together, the feeling is pure satisfaction."


Level Designer

"Game designing is a lot of fun, especially when you get the creative juices flowing.  It is more or less a visual implementation of your dreams.  I love it!"


Product Development Lead

"My position on the team is to create all the backers' products such as clothing, stickers, mugs, and much more.  Also, I help with some of the Marketing and Content Creation for Legion: The Eternal War."


Creative Writer

"I am very passionate about game development.  I love the idea of creating and making a world, or universe, and populating it with interesting, timeless, memorable characters."

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Concept Artist

"I am inspired everyday because I want to become an amazing artist and learn more about the video game industry.  I love how the knowledge and art brings peace to my mind."

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UE4 Programmer

"I enjoy programming because I like challenges and solving problems in a creative way.  Code brings me exactly that.  Like math and science, if you don't have a piece of the puzzle, you have to keep working until you find it.  All of my hobbies have that in common."

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Virtual i_o

Senior Community Manager
+ More!

"My passion for games and art is a big part of my life! I love the idea of a living and breathing world that I can get lost in."