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Legion: The Eternal War is a medieval world where you and your friends can become immersed in the lore and let your story unfold.  It will supply challenges of survival against nightly terrors from the Rift, a faction war, and other natural and mythical beasts as you explore Rhyfell.
All of our initial focus is going toward the development of a PC client.  Once we have a solid and stable version for PC we will then start exploring other options such as controllers and consoles.  We will later determine if it will be fair to enable cross-play but cross-progression will likely exist.  If at any point we see that cross-play is not fair we will enable specific servers for different devices. 
Legion will begin as an early access game for alpha & beta testers.  Once the game is content complete and optimized we will consider it ready for full release.  You will still have complete access as a backer to this game during that time.  Progress updates will happen on both a weekly and bi-weekly basis so you will know exactly what our team is working on at all times.
Legion has been in development for almost 3 years from concept to prototype.  Our design and goals have been improving since the start.  The game is almost ready for alpha testing and we'll be able to ramp up development speed as we continue to grow.  The developers are already having fun playing the game but we still have some improvements lined up before releasing a public build.
We are currently using Unreal Engine 4 but will eventually migrate over to Unreal Engine 5 when the time is right.  We have a team member who is employed by Epic Games Quixel and for that reason we will have a head start on learning the new engine changes. 
The game will be released as a buy to play title with an additional pre-launch-only cosmetic shop.  Early supporters will be able to unlock a variety of cosmetic items by spending the Legion Coins that are included with our various backer packages.  The items in this shop will be exclusive to the pre-launch early access period and cannot be traded.  We do not plan on having a permanent post-launch cosmetic shop as we feel that it compromises certain aspects of gameplay, particularly the progression of going from rags to riches when it comes to appearance.  That said, we do need additional funding to launch the game and will leverage the appeal of a limited cosmetic pre-launch marketplace to help us get there.
Our project is currently selling backer packages that provide access to the game when our playtests are active.  We will have a separate shop dedicated to swag and merch for those who want to support us that way.  We also appreciate having an active community that talks about the game on our forum, in Discord, or spreads positive word of mouth to friends and family.
We are vehemently opposed to P2W schemes and even approach pay-for-cosmetics with caution and vigilance.  We are considering a variety of options for how we can combat RMT and will release more information on this at a later date.
Legion has three defined classes but without titles.  You can take the role of a Mage, Knight, or Archer but without limitations or restrictions meaning that you can become a hybrid of any 3 classes.  You will be able to make the character your way based on how you apply stat points and handle the progression system.  Additional classes will be added down the road.
No, there are currently no plans to emphasize this playstyle.  However, due to the diversity of our class system, there is nothing stopping players from experimenting with the concept and trying to make it work.
Character progression is focused on recording what you do and passively leveling it as you play the game.  You will naturally find yourself improving as you progress.  Items that you use such as one-handed weapons & two-handed weapons will both have a separate leveling system.  Over time you could master several different weapon classes and the skills which will come with them.
You can use 4 active skills, 4 item swaps, 2 special abilities, melee, dodging, and blocking along with dual-wielding.
No, Originally it would determine which Faction of the war you are on by selecting, Elf or Human. However, our plans have changed and we are allowing any race or character to join either side of the war. This allows for a much larger array of character customization. Later we may start selling cosmetic packs to give you an even better option towards appearance. We want community feedback before we implement this feature. 
Yes. Guilds are a very important factor in this game as they will keep your friends tied with you throughout your experience. We will be designing a very useful guild system to keep friends together. Guild members will all be tied to the same player-built castle system. We will be releasing much more information about these specifics later.
Yes, you will be able to build, destroy, and conquer castles in this game. However, players can choose to avoid building altogether and still enjoy this game because of the capital cities and the services they provide. This means that while building your own castle is cool, you do not need to do it to have fun with the game. Our plan is to allow players to be a huge part of the economy. Owning a castle will be a way to produce goods and participate more in the trade of goods and resources. You can join and leave guilds often if you would like to work with other players who already have castles. This is a role-playing focused game... take the role as an traveling adventure or become a knight who slays enemies for other guilds. The choice is yours. 
Yes, there will be PvP of the Humans vs. Elves. You can also decide to play as a criminal and kill the players of your own faction. We are doing percent-loot PvP meaning that you always keep your equipment but have a small % chance to lose materials from your inventory on death. This creates a great risk and reward situation. Depending on community feedback we may alter the specifics of this rule. We are in favor of what the community wants, lets talk about it ! 
Guild castles can be conquered and you will find yourself naturally fighting over the most important resources in the game. Defend, fight, or create alliances. Resources are scarce and for that reason the supply and demand will be heavily impacted. We are creating a game where economy and trading is a must for survival and progression. 
Yes, we are planning on adding siege equipment. Players will have to create these heavy pieces of equipment and walk them to their destination. If you plan to raid an enemy team you must set a war agreement with them. This is our attempt against Offline Raiding. We are 100% against offline raiding, this game will be far from Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved. We will work with the community to improve our concepts.
PvE will include quests and dungeons. Some of the dungeons will be included in a quest chain and others you may find by exploring the world. There is so much PvE to this game. We are very excited to share it with you all. You can expect private instances, meaningful storyline and huge amounts of player progression and customization. 
Gear is important, but how you choose your stat points and progress the character will be just as important than your gear to a degree. We are trying to balance the game in a way where players who lack time commitment can still keep up a fight towards players who spend more time grinding. We are in favor of balancing the game. We do not want to create a world which feels like a second job. We promise to make the game enjoyable for everyone. 
Crafting will exist. Alchemy with potion creation and Blacksmithing are examples. You must progress in the crafting system to become proficient. You can excel at crafting if you like and become renowned for your services. We want players to become the best blacksmith in Rhyfell. This is why guilds and recruiting are important. Our game focuses so much on crafting, gathering and professions that you can expect to see professional players creating and selling items to other guilds and players to keep the fight going. We want guilds to form alliances where everyone is trading and always communicating. We plan to make this game very community based. 
You can gather resources by mining, trading, looting, gathering, wood cutting, etc. This game supports survival aspects.
Yes, anything that can be bought, can be earned except for the limited time exclusive backer-only rewards. The backer-only rewards are once in a lifetime rewards. They will end soon as we offer the game to the public, right now everything is private for our backers only. 
Yes we are allowing in-game mounts and possibly pets / shoulder pets. Backers can receive exclusive mounts. These exclusive mounts will be once in a life time meaning that nobody else can ever receive them after we go live for the public. Players will receive a hatch able egg / embryo which will randomly generate a special color for your mount. There forward your mount will level and eventually you can ride it. 
Yes, absolutely. In fact, Legion supports weekly events and we will try our best to keep the community engaged and happy! An example for these events is penalty reduced war for players to lay siege against the capital cities. Other events may include raiding the rift and even player vs player championships. We want players to climb a leaderboard and win contests. You can expect several events in-game. 
At this time, Legion: The Eternal War is only available for Windows PC. We will determine in the future if we should branch out to further options. We do have plans for Google Stadia, Consoles, Mobile devices and much more.
Share Legion with friends, promote its existence, participate in our community forums and most importantly join the Discord and back the project! Click the "Get Early Access" link today and help an amazing community come to life! We all love new experiences and we promise to make Legion: The Eternal War one you will truly enjoy.