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Down below you will find all the information about our crowdfunding campaigns goals. Starting with our initial campaign, with a goal of 1,000,000, to all stretch goals necessary to develop ‘Legion: The Eternal War’ through 2021/2022/2023, enough time to have the game ready for a final version and public release.

Next Playable Demo Test June 15th, 2021 - 11AM EST

Legion Funding Goals


Exclusive Backer Masks

New Spells Added

Game Events


-Exclusive Backer Masks

The game will include all the amazing backer reward masks for our

- New Spells Added

Experience brand new magic spells to learn and master.

- Game Events

There will be additional game events such as free for all, capture the
flag and search & destroy.


Exclusive Backer Capes

Improved AI and Combat

Interface Improvements


- Exclusive Backer Capes

All backers will receive their beautiful & cool backer capes.

- Improved AI and Combat

AI will become smarter and have the ability to cast magic spells
on players and other AI. The AI will communicate with eachother.

- Interface Improvements

All interface designs will be replaced for a better look and feel.


Exclusive Backer Pets

New Quests and NPCs

New Spells


- Exclusive Backer Pets

All backers will receive their freshly modeled and animated reward pets.
Expect high quality pets as these furry little creatures come to life.

- New Quests and NPCs

The game lore will come to life and important quests will exist.
You will now begin to experience the story of Rhyfell.

- New Spells

Another batch of highly thought out magic spells will be arriving
to the game with custom particle effects.


Exclusive Backer Mount Skins

Gathering & Crafting

New Ai Creatures


- Exclusive Backer Mount Skins

All backers will receive the ability to ride mounts and apply their
custom reward skins to the animals.

- Gathering & Crafting

Legion will receive a fully functional gathering and crafting system
for all to enjoy.

- New Ai Creatures

The world of Rhyfell will begin to see new and custom creatures,
both good and evil. These creatures will start to replace
marketplace assets.


Basic Building System

Replaced Marketplace Assets

Guild and Land Claiming


- Basic Building System

Begin building the castle of your dreams! You will feel comfort
from inside your fully customized and safe Kingdom.

- Replaced Marketplace Assets

We will focus on replacing majority of the games marketplace
assets with brand new and amazing Legion assets.

- Guild and Land Claiming

Open a guild, recruit members and join together as your new squad
claims land and destroys enemy castles for their resources.


Demo Land Expansion

New Armor & Outfits

Early Trading Systems


- Demo Land Expansion

The world of Rhyfell will expand. You will now receive new
content and more landmass on each server.

- New Armor & Outfits

You deserve to look and feel amazing in Legion. Expect to
receive new flashy items that are both rare and ultra rare.
Loot is important!

- Early Trading Systems

The ability to trade will exist so you can begin to see a higher
level of engagement from the community.


Environmental Improvements

Inventory Remake



- Environmental Improvements

We will fully remaster the demo area with professional level
design! There will also be new and custom assets.

- Inventory Remake

The games current inventory system needs to be replaced and
the custom Legion inventory will come to life.

- Majority

More details coming soon


All Backers Receive 1500 Legion Coins

New Quests And Events

Weather system added Weather system added


- All Backers Receive 1500 Legion Coins

Every backer of the game will receive a free 1500 coin package
so you can purchase a new pet or cosmetic item.

- New Quests And Events

Rhyfell is expanding quickly. There will be additional lore and
community events for you to enjoy such as guild vs guild and
publicly viewed tournaments!

- Weather system added Weather system added

Legion will now experience a dynamic weather system and being
to see or feel wind, rainstorms, thunderstorms, fog, cloudy days, sunny days, etc.


Custom Rift Assets

Full character customization

NPC voice actors added


- Custom Rift Assets

Most of the assets for the rift are ready and fully customized
to legions style. Soon the evil realm will open.

- Full character customization

You can now fully customize your characters with extreme details!

- NPC voice actors added

That's right all NPCs will receive professional voice acting. Some
backers will receive the chance to become a forever voice in the


Demo Content Expansion

New Spells added

All particle effects updated


- Demo Content Expansion

Rhyfell is nearly completed. There will be additional content for
you and your squad to enjoy.

- New Spells added

There will be hundreds of new spells for you to learn and master.
All spells will explained at a later date.

- All particle effects updated

All old particle effects will be replaced and moving forward everything
will be of the highest quality.


All Backers Receive 3000 Legion Coins

The Rift is accessible

Human & Elf City Asset Remake


- All Backers Receive 3000 Legion Coins

Congratulations you have now received an additional 3000 Legion
Coins to purchase exclusive backer only rewards. All exclusive
rewards are only available during crowdfunding.

- The Rift is accessible

The evil of the Rift was too strong to stay sealed away. The portal
can now be opened and you will experience the most horrifying
evil ever imagined.

- Human & Elf City Asset Remake

The human and elf cities will be completely remodeled with new
assets, polished designs and hundreds of new lore based NPCs.

Legion 2021 Roadmap

June 15th 2021


October 2021


Early 2022

Alpha 1