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Crowdfunding time!

It is time!  Now you can enjoy our new website, watch our awesome crowdfunding video, follow us in all social media channels, and, of course, support us by purchasing one of our great backer's packages.  An incredible open-world medieval MMORPG is well on its way and we are extremely thankful for all the support that has been pouring in from our community!

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Legion improvements are awesome!  Everyone on the team gave their 120% to roll out our most recent patch.  AI, our combat system, riding, mounts, spells, SFX, creatures and beasts have all been added.  We gather in the fields of Rhyfell to test it.  Do you want to hear more of these details or about how much fun we had?

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Defenders of the realm

We have just finished working in basic outfit and armor of the knight and archer characters.  At testing, the characters animations felt very smooth and real.  There are still a few tweaks left to make but both feel awesome while playing in-game.  If you had a chance to try out Legion, would you play as the archer or the knight?

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Unreal Engine 5 for Legion?

If you are wondering about us working with the upcoming Unreal Engine 5, well … YES!  Here at Nexus Division we had two choices: stick to Unreal Engine 4 or move everything to Unreal Engine 5.  We are fully committed to the second option and are very excited to squeeze as much juice from the newest Epic Graphic Engine as possible.  Let us know what you think ... 

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Patch notes

Detailed Info About Patches

Here you can find all the updated information about the patches of the game. 
If you want to know how we are investing the money we raise for the game, you are in the right place. 

Legion's PATCH V1.1.1

Posted On: March 08, 2021

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