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Legion's patch updates

Game Development Improvements

We have accomplished some goals since the last patch.  We have created a questing system, determined how we want the story to flow, figured out how to flag the character for the correct faction, placed our starting area (The Proving Grounds), implemented combat system upgrades, riding upgrades, and sound FX upgrades.

Detailed Updates:

- Added first version of the starter zone, currently called the Proving Grounds.
- Updates to main Elf and Human cities.

- Quest dialogue system.
- Placeholder items as quest rewards.
- First NPC 'Wystalla' added.
- Skip dialogue button added (HUD).

- Shield blocking.
- Spell casting.
- Archery mechanics.
- Recall spell added.
- Combat AI locomotion improvement.
- Fire spell SFX added.
- Axe swing SFX added.

- Riding system creation.
- Mount exchange system.

+ Other updates
- Improvement for footstep SFX.
- Different SFX for environment sounds and animals.
- Warps.
- Character's flag: Travelers - Elves - Humans.

- Quest data saved on Firebase.
- Quest data is now reloading.
- Dialogue/Quest, NPC can’t be damaged while talking to an NPC.
- Accuracy for hitting an opponent.

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