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Welcome to The world of Rhyfell

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Rhyfell was a peaceful land where Humans and Elves lived in relative harmony while going about their daily lives and engaging in productive politics. This alliance between these two races quickly dissolved when the heart of the world surged with destructive energy, forever creating a split in the world known as the Rift.  The land quickly fell into chaos and the once rich soil became sullied with the bloodstains of humans and elves alike; both races scrambling to protect what land and resources they have remaining in the wake of the Rift event.  This is where your story begins ...


A New Beginning

The World

Become immersed in a world where every action and inaction could have an impact on the war raging around you.   There will be opportunities for you to get heavily involved in PvP conflicts in the form of roaming players belonging to the enemy faction, contesting the enemy faction for land and resources, or simply defending what you have staked out as a home for your guild.  However, in a world full of conflict there is more to be done than engage in the frontlines.   Inner faction political quarrels, crafting, resource gathering, selling, trading, and other various PvE activities will be offered in Legion that is all wrapped in an engaging, immersive storyline for your selected faction.


Player vs Environment

You can easily switch between PvE zones and PvP combat zones while your alliance city acts as a barrier that keeps the opposing faction outside the protected land of your people.  You must always bear in mind, however, that with a coordinated attack, the enemy alliance could breach the city walls and destroy all within sight before entering PVE zones.  In short – The PvE areas are protected by the PvP players.


There are main quests and side quests that are both greatly connected to the lore of the game.  Players can experience main quests by communicating with NPCs and figuring out what must be done to continue their journey.  This system will be very dynamic and unique to each player with only the main storyline events connecting.  Players will be able to share quests as long as they have not already progressed past the point of the quest they are accepting.


A World Of Adventure


The Free Trade

We want our players to explore the wilderness and travel with a purpose while discovering new areas.  Our resource system will encourage these behaviors as players start taking on calculated risks during their adventures. Transporting harvested goods may very well be tougher than gathering them.  Our regional market system allows players to create and interact with pocket economies that will reinforce the steadiness of products above all regions.  Players are going to be able to move resources and search alternative areas to take advantage of the various markets.  With resources spawning dynamically, bound regions will naturally become vital commerce hubs for the transportation of goods throughout the world.

Crafting and Resource Gathering

Fill your inventory with herbs and spices, gems, and rocks. You never know what may come in handy. Crafting and gathering will be a vital element of the economy that players will have direct management over. Whether you would like to create a sprawling plantation around your house or wish to travel to a large geographical area in search of treasure and resources, the choice is yours. There are several tools available to the crafters of Rhyfell and we tend to believe that each item that exists within the world should reflect its creator. As such, there will be extreme skillfulness in our crafting system – giving crafters the power to create distinctive products that represent their strengths and weaknesses.


Day And Night

You will experience a medieval world by day and the curse of the rift by night. The world has suffered tremendously ever since that damnable rift opened a portal to hell. As daylight turns to dusk the darkness spreads across the land and makes for a particularly unpleasant experience for travelers and explorers. The world becomes filled with horrifying creatures and events that only the bravest of adventurers would dare try to contend with. Once daylight breaches the horizon, the nightmarish evil is returned to the rift, and the world changes to its typical medieval environment.

The Backbone Of Combat

Dynamic Combat System

Bows, Shields, Swords, Spells you name it … we will offer a huge variety of weaponry choices for Legion: The Eternal War. You will experience seamless gameplay with dramatic and intense encounters as you challenge each other's ability to fight. Remember, though, that players are not the only encounter you need to worry about. The world will be filled with intelligent NPCs that put your skill to the test. Make friends with your fellow players and brave the world together!



The term magic means so much in this title as we explore the limits of our creativity between developers and the community. Magic will play an involved role within our storyline and enhance a variety of combat dynamics.  You can expect character progression and even basic day-to-day functions of the player to be enhanced by magical opportunities.  There will be plenty of beneficial and hostile spells alike; ensuring that players can wield magic to aid their comrades or lay waste to enemy players and creatures.

Character Classes and Progression

The class system is defined based on the activities you partake in and how you allocate your stat points.  Our progression system will track your actions and level your character accordingly based on the activities that you are most invested in.  Stat points will determine which equipment you can use and your overall proficiency with said equipment.